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Driving Range Practice with Purpose Tips

Practice with purpose in the golf range. Grab a small bucket of balls (30) and separate them to groups of 3. Hit 3 balls with your wedges (lob, gap, sand, pitching wedge), 4 with irons (Pick from 9/8/7/6/5), 2 with your woods (Pick from 3 wood, 4 hybrid, 5 fairway wood) and 1 Driver. Take time between your shots and play a round of golf. Repeat 3 times to use 30 balls. I often see how others are hitting and sometimes have a friendly conversation. Keep head down and chin up with every shot.

Grab a Small bucket- work on hitting quality shots not quantity. Think between shots. This is not a firing range.

Three things to remember with every shot

1.) Perfect your grip.

2.) Practice addressing the ball.

3.) Place the club head Square to the 🎯 target.

Then Rehearse 2 imperative Swing positions :

Takeaway: pull back with your right shoulder, not left. Arms should reach far away.

Make sure you take back on plane- hold this position for 5 seconds. Do this 5 times to ingrain the feeling.

Then take several Slow Motion rehearsal swings and also rehearse the Impact position.

Hands should be ahead of the golf ball to compress for maximum power. Swing through the ball with perfect Speed and Precision. Note: Short Game comprises 65% of all shots in a round. Yet it is the least practiced. Focus on your short game.

Take controlled swings. Spend 5 minutes working on the 2 vital checkpoints. Employ alignment sticks to ensure your feet, hips and shoulders are Square to the target.

Focus on Smooth tempo- after a long break this will take some time to adjust. Take the club back smoothly.

Set the club at the top of the swing. Slight pause.

Now Accelerate through the ball. Begin with all your wedges at 50% swing speed.

Play a round of golf at the range and master these techniques.

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