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5 Step Program to Break 80 on a Golf Course

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

RYGA's Kevin Glenn is the most motivating golf coach ever. I am following a great 5 step program practicing 5 hours a week (1hr / day). I do film study on weekends (I watch PGA tour and Tiger woods).

1.) Monday Driver:

Practice until you can Repeat a Consistent Fade or Draw. If you are missing the fairway off the tee you will be compromised elsewhere. Must hit 10 of 14 fairways.

2.) Tuesday Full Iron / Woods:

Practice until you can confidently attack the Green. Watch for trajectory height and whether you can control it.

Practice until your well-struck shots are stopping the way you want them to. Must hit 13 of 18 GIR.

3.) Hump day Half-Wedge:

Practice until you have added a controlled checking shot in your repertoire.

4.) Thursday Green-side:️

Practice all the short game shots you normally play including bunker.

Must be able to get Up and Down so you can Jump around.

5.) Friday Dance Floor:

Practice until you can 2 putt from long distances with consistent predictability.

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